Realm of Praise


Sit and stare at the road no one drives down
Walk to the end of the field and beyond it
Your gut contains all the words you’re going to say
Love will spread across the field
Nature inside a raindrop on the edge of a leaf
Dreams thick and pouring
Your longing will meet my longing
Let me put some light into your eyes


I kneel in front of the windowsill
To melt your anger would be revolutionary
The wind moves through as many leaves as it can touch
You’ll always know exactly where to find me
I draw a window without glass
I give myself permission to explore this dream
Petals curl until they can’t be uncurled


Orange butterfly sitting on orange flowers
All the suffering wounds disappear
A shrine and a bench bathed in shadow
We found the light that found us first
(It’s in your smile)
A bloom growing out of another bloom
Tree without end


I find a busted speaker next to a dumpster
Thick with invisible sound
Make the ruins more ruinous
You hold me like you were always going to hold me
The sting and the beauty
Do everything on purpose
Yellow flowers above your head
Let the wind carry it away


Blue hummingbird with black wings
What you can’t say leaks from your eyes
Weeds grow through cracked cement
You pull me close without pulling
Golden flowers loosen
Full volume


Twisted branches
Warm palms enlightened
Butterflies disguised as leaves
Walk down the middle of this road
As the storm starts to fuck itself


Someone threw white paint at the brick wall
I see many versions of myself
I put my weapons on the ground
Guided by darkness
Blue momentum
Vibrating star trails
Forget what I taste like
Then taste me


Where would you live if not with me
Watch a tree rise up from its roots
Let the words run out
Pull the seams to my sunbeam
Untie   unchain   unleash   undo
This is where you enter
Thought power magic life


What I’m about to find
Black seeds arranged in a perfect circle
All the fires you built to keep yourself warm
Thick purple smoke   deer frolic in it


Gather what made you inside you
Mud and petals and street filth
A wave of light moving upward into full moons
Get unlost   find me in the dark
Tender primal
A gutter punk in love with nature
Cars sing love songs


Sit and be with yourself
Purple flowers growing by the rocks
Birds in a spiral
If you’re lucky
Your nakedness becomes your truth
Sweetness before roughness


The tiger does not move
Pour the ashes all over the ground
We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t mean it
Leaves flicker in the wind
Fresh bright cool wild sweet deep
I hear your body singing back to me
As the sun peeks over the wall
Make what feels heavy weightless


Put your forehead to my forehead
Inspirer and awakener
Endlessness is attainable
Through our golden thoughts
It’s about waiting
Paths appear
Blue bodies of the mountains in front of us
The tree sings green


Take a different route
A vine of white flowers runs through it
A woman offering gushing fountain
Living tree
Let the trash burn to ashes
Start over


Buzzing hive
Light spilling through clouds like golden waves
Black hollyhocks after rain
Our open field
The growing divine
Birds rush up from the grass
A bear pushes her body against a tree trunk


Horns and drums and guitars
Smashing windshields
I have more thoughts these days
I promise to keep the door open
I plan to build here
Pearl white seeds
Growing out of another bloom


Beginning the poem over and over
Old house in an old neighborhood
We find bird tracks in the snow
A flower that held itself together
Hold it purposefully the way you hold everything
Set the bottle on the windowsill


If you can’t hear me
Come into this field lined with old dark trees
Rocks and dead grass and dirt
Healer dreamer lover savior
Be alive and know it


A paper bag ripped open
Yellow bells moving in the wind
I was looking for a way out
Like a loud boom
Wouldn’t you like to
Stare at the bits of grit
Black bumblebees
I’ll turn up the microphone


The cold melted away on its own
Our smoke drifts down in slow trails
Animal hymn   roll grab curse damn
We shelter each other


Let’s climb into winter
Its blue poem
It feels good to use our bodies
I scoop dirt into my hands
I lay roses at your feet
Sit breathe think dream


One green leaf appears above my head
As I endure silence
Its blue magic
I put my hand in the mud
How much of the dream is true
How deep the flowers glow
Its blue heaven


Look for signs of life
Like a monk under a tree
Intricate meandering infinite
God will let you watch
Leaves fall everywhere


The city waits to open its petals
Its blue music
Deepens unwinds
We hear the sound before we see the colors
Its blue fullness   its blue spirit


Wander your desert   then leave it
Epic funk vile
Its blue everything
Its blue nothing
Find me again
White rose and flame
The city looks beautiful at night


You touch your chest and say begin here
Get into this bed with me
Headlights show me the way down a black road
There you are   seven rocks in a circle
All over my holy land


I find you inside your blossoming
As if I’ve found you for the first time
The way you sit and listen
Among weeds and ashes
Build a house with me


The throb of my want
Graffiti on a passing train
I follow your signs
Until 45 South hits the gulf
So I can take care of your body
Blooming ruellia


I sit here and wait
What I carry with me
Erupts into utopia
Pour the ashes into a bottle
Let the earth have it
Until there’s only air
Bright clear shine
Its blue song
Its blue harmony
(It’s in your face)
I walk better


We walk the dirt trail
Dissolving into blue
Naked thought to naked thought
Fields touch each other
Reinvent reality
It brings the wind
It brings the thunder
We keep each other dry