Against the Grain

This is a place for critical and imaginative writing that is both literary-oriented and radical in nature. Here, readers will find work that focuses on poetics, that is invested in aesthetics and politics from a critical standpoint. They will find writing that is both academic and humanistic, honest and ethical, writing that encourages a deeper understanding of how creative expression operates in contemporary society. The reviews and essays featured on this site seek to challenge the literary status quo and inspire empathy, as well as contribute to the conversations of the larger literary community.

I am the sole writer of the material found here. Many of the reviews were originally published elsewhere and are noted as such. As time goes on, I hope to make this site more of a self-sustaining space for critical writing. I am a poet-critic; I earned my MFA from the University of Houston (view my MFA Thesis here); I currently live in Hockley, Texas. Correspondence is welcomed and appreciated:

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Andrea Syzdek