Poem & Song of the Month

November 2021: Adrienne Rich’s “The Observer” & Nirvana’s “Breed”
October 2021: Anis Shivani’s “Controlled Demolition” & Slayer’s “Raining Blood”
September 2021: Kaveh Akbar’s “Rimrock” & Foo Fighters’ “Shame Shame”
August 2021: Charles Bukowski’s “This” & Pantera’s “A New Level”
July 2021: Sharon Olds’s “Ode to Dirt” & Bad Religion’s “Against the Grain”
June 2021: Donald Hall’s “The Long River” & The Clash’s “Rock the Casbah”
May 2021: Eavan Boland’s “The Just Use of Figures” & Kiss’s “Hard Luck Woman”
April 2021: Adam Zagajewski’s “The Thirties” & NOFX’s “Fuck Euphemism”