Poems to Myself


Woman staring at the water
The sun lifts itself toward you
Let the anxious dog out
Close the door behind her
See yourself walk slowly
Goddess of the ground
Sacred raw mystical radiant
Take a journey of silence
Summon any god you want
Your lover from a past life
Waits for you to appear

Wild Unknown

Your body harbors no wounds
In the palm of your hand
Energy you birthed
Golden light in a dark space
Low pulse getting lower

Naked flowers unleashed
Sit inside your body and wait
For your wild unknown
Bright ecstatic alive
Cry into it


The storm followed you here
Hot music in your walk
You pulled the storm along
To the green tree standing alone
You will open your body
To the man you love
Much stronger than the storm
Standing in this meadow
Pretending not to be waiting
His chaos an ache

The Soft Dark

Bliss grit heat rising
After you sweated together
Knowing how to move
Is all the knowledge you want
Pleasure emerges as a need
To create more pleasure
Wait for the rain in the dark
Wait for it like a signal
Your wants become fewer
The rope knotted but frayed

Death Spell

Mount the horse
Naked to the world
Black flames
Eager fluid imagination
Who do you chase
When you appear in a town
Full of tombs
Thank the gods for their breath
Sunflower buds spring
From the ground


Orange insect appears
Heat and birdsong
The world is vibrant
Even in a desert


Deep into your nowhere
Golden song you hear all night
Years splitting to pieces
Throbbing prism
Wave that knows where you want to go
Black edge of your thoughts
Where thunder hits
There was only smoke at first

The Star

Blue suck of the night
Hot flower loosens
Don’t care if nothing
Comes from this


Lose articulation
Summon black storms
Powerful mellow anarchic feminine
Don’t figure out
What’s already figured out


Pull out what feels heavy
The ocean you’re trying to get to
Long cool waves
Roads of golden light

Highway that could lead you
To other highways
Roads carved deep into woods
Walk away from the woods

Dig through filth and emptiness
Petals scattered across the floor
Let the air of your song in
Glorious recklessness


Drive until the road
Meets the sand meets the shore
Meets the waves
Fuck and sweat and kiss
Great divine pleasure
Swim in his waters
Show him what you find


Horses jump through
The fire of your brain
Even the gods
Don’t want to ruin
The surprise


Bridge curving through woods
White light like a slow mist
Look at the farthest point
The nothing beyond it

Easy to walk suddenly
Hear what your footsteps
Sound like   hear the poems
In your breath   the pulse
Of your remembrance
The rhythm you return to

Bridge so old
You walked across it
In another life
When the trees spoke
So strong


If your breath matched his breath
If your voice could enter
His open soul
And plant seeds there
If you could grow inside him
A woman nurturing a man
From within
He would become the mountain you love
Blooming inside and out


Three hogs walk the streets
In the middle of the night
Roam with memories
They did not experience
They will be known by you but
You will never see them

Female Poet

Stand inside an old mission
Slip into the corner of a stone wall
Sleep with the other souls
Who also found refuge there
Your breath quick and thorough
Your words will be fearless
Sure and thunderous

Stay low to the ground
Guide yourself
Out of the wasteland
Of your thoughts
Drastic radical unreasonable
Poems not giving a fuck
What the world does with them
Invisible tattoos creating
A bigger poem

Direction / Infinite Sounds

The sun has not
Pulled back its warmth
Desire is the path

Stare at the walls
Around your heart
Use your own music
To tear them down

After the Rain

Those ugly years feel like
Something you want to banish or destroy
To not have to see that version
Of yourself or the life
You thought you needed to live
Sit alone and wait
He knows the field as well
As you know the field
The fires burning inside them
How trees hold the smoke

Cool Air

Find a new room together
Fill it with flowers
Dive deep inside each other
Your oceans are restless


Undress in front of a mirror
Turn on the water
Stare up at blossoming palm trees
Pretend there are no roads
And buildings
Reach these trees and sit against them
Think of your female body
Digging under her roots
Wet dirt slipping from her skin