Fortress of Solitude

I began the act of becoming in sunlight
The blue line became a dragonfly

I saw you last night when lightning hit the sky
Along the backroads of my mind

I’m walking and I’m not used to the cold
Listening to Bob Dylan songs

Moon above the neon curves of the road
I’m land gone black with shadows

Corners and cracks and potholes
Heart to third eye to crown

Love crime death whisper anonymous
Sometimes I ask for a name and I get a name

I’m just like you walking around
In darkness I created    sometimes like you

A song enters my consciousness
Like you                      the song repeats

I was asked by a powerful but gentle voice
Is it better to fly above the forest or be in the forest?

I’ve always seen myself as the wolf
I’m the runner and the chaser all at once

I held myself here because you held me here
Tall bright trees kept telling me as much

It wasn’t hard to know what to do then
Let the sunlight fall all around me