Twelve Dime Bags

Ecstatic Fire

Crush of waves between us that used to be
The sacred presence of an old temple
Should I come and make all my confessions
Dog taken off her trail always gets back
What makes you a man so damn determined
Never say bitter cold   only say ec-
Static fire   trees with long green branches
You keep your flame close to your naked chest
I wandered far from my nowhere   stay here
Until we forget what the world felt like


Hold the man you want   slow sunset inside
His soul sweet with wildness and fever
Burns heavy   coldness fades from memory
A red flower opening instantly
A longer bloom that can be kissed all night
Be quiet with this knowledge you learned so
You can get warmth within low vibrations
Are you pointing to the destination
You’re already facing   the man you want
A calm beast with so few words in his throat


Smoky stone in my hand will return me
To me   let peace do its magic on me
Vague space slips into clear green   earth loves me
I saw my own eye   the symbol of me
Spirits of love   I’ve been waiting for days
For those flowers to open   female eye
Get close to that bird before it flies a-
Way   I feel time melt underneath a sky
Men raise their horns to their mouths   the power
I put down    green tree glowing near a road

Night Sky

If you tell me to wait    then I will wait
Flowers are just now starting to open
I haven’t walked the way I used to walk
In a long time   this dark blue sky again
Night sky in my psyche harder to taste
Blissful ascension   that wind was magic
Birds fly overhead   because they have wings
They will get there faster   if you say wait
I’ll wait   never seen a beautiful man
Before under stars where I used to walk


Inside fields of my imagination
Songs I grow strong inside of   you will just
Appear   thunder I can hear   and I will
Know what to say   same eruption you want
Somehow the world will click into a place
No one would ever know to find   erupt
If we let it   the night empties itself
Crashes to pieces   hardness cracks apart
Every cold bottle we ever drank from
Things here feel so distorted without you


I need to look at your face    I need to
Look again and again   I want to look
At you all the time   depths wanting to move
I’m afraid to look   you’re mine to look at
Reach the fire inside me   give you my
Depths   love breathing man   spiritual man
You became   wanted me to come looking
For you   looking at you to get undone
I want to look and never stop looking
At the man that makes me want love all night


Small shrine in a field with yellow flowers
After rain   your lost selves floating waiting
How quickly you could rise inside yourself
Deliver a hard punch   you need your hand
For better things   a man watches a man
Bathe a pony near a temple full of
Flowers you could disappear inside of
Be happy hummingbirds are coming back
Just as it’s starting to rain here again
Hold onto that light   keep making your songs

Peace Spell

Big orange flower inside your psyche
Kissing the wound you can feel but can’t see
Imagine your hair got wet from the rain
Imagine birds flying from that flower
Remember the sky that held you so close
All these years   let peace roll off each petal
Mothers rooted in the earth give it light
Take that flower into your darkest days
Let yourself be driven past those old fields
Roamer with a flower blooming orange

Unnamed Road

Guts and muscles and bones   this stone makes you
Think of fire   flames through the heart   the tongues
You unleash   man who burns but can’t burn up
You find yourself on this unnamed road as
Grit shines under moonlight like crushed treasure
Red roses bloom all over the asphalt
Tender calm full brilliant but still wild
Deep long road unseen by the naked eye
Smells like hunger   smells like danger as you
Drive so far for me animal you are


After all that rain dragonflies come out
Just stand here with me and watch them all fly
Now it’s raining almost every day   those
Days feel washed away   this room is the room
I could invite you in   show me how to
Trust your hand   I will show you how to trust
My hand   open up beneath me   I was
That woman who dreamed a beautiful globe
Of dragonflies next to every window
In every small room I ever lived in

Naked Sun

Always surprised to find you wide awake
Beside me   your nakedness makes me think
I would give you back the body you climbed
Out of   when your presence was all I knew
Open the heart you search for inside me
Darkness around it like waves smoothing out
Song we both love making us feel power
Full together   a deep breath between us
I sit against this tree and write these words
Naked woman moving my pen so fast

Naked Sun II

Take fewer steps but keep walking   don’t walk
Too far alone   tree with branches that feel
Longer than the sky    you in the flesh   you
With a tongue and a cock   you with laughter
Tree I returned to   it kept saying come
Back   my truth   I’m no good at speaking yet
Until our voices meet   search out a house
To disappear inside   grow wilder
Inside the house together   naked sun
We made underneath the shade of this tree