Thunder in Repetition

When I pull up to the light the crowds collide
Walking in rhythm to the music on my stereo
The trees especially green after the rain
Makes the roads more interesting
The geometry of the city an abstract puzzle
A hive of minds put together   when our bodies meet
We become an indescribable shape we invented
Humans we still believe ourselves to be

I won’t beat the rain back to you   thunder in you
Seeks to hear itself echo out of the way
And not named yet   we’ve scrambled time
You’re still waiting at this moment in the story
I’m contemplating one wave merging
With another wave   I’m looking at myself
In the rearview mirror   you’re looking at yourself
In the window   how fast the rain falls

When it can’t stay up in the sky anymore
This guy I whispered to myself after I passed you
On the road before I knew you   a skinny cut
Across the knuckle of the finger that points
The finger that taps   the finger that goes
Right into your mouth   thunder in repetition
Even after the rain has quieted from the mad rush
Of its spoken-word poetry   you’ve written

Only one word since you’ve been waiting
You repeat it just to feel your tongue move
The trees still as nature worshipers
One word you say into my ear after all that waiting
I would tell you what I think I heard but
I don’t want to be wrong   I can only hear nowness
My nakedness interested in your nakedness
Tree shadows all over the bedroom floor