The Female Executioner Writes a Poem

I was / Wearing my hood and smiling / Underneath it / Resting my big axe / On my shoulder / As I marched down a street / With you also smiling / Your hood pulled up / I pulled my hood up / So you could see my smile / My axe so sharp and clean / We didn’t even have to / Punish anyone that night / Two executioners / Not to be fucked with / Untouchable because / We were feared / And we laughed at this / Because we loved harder / Than we killed / We kissed deeper / Than we hunted / If I thought we took this / Too far / If I thought / We couldn’t atone / If I forgot / How justified we felt / You remembered for us / On the other side / Of the door / Cleaner than I am / After so many years of / Fucking around / With my own demons / If I sit here all night / And find you still sitting / On the other side / In the morning / I’ll know how badly / I’ll want to stay / How badly I sat / With this unloaded gun