The David Cassidy Support Group

In 1983 (the year I was born), my Aunt Betty started a fan club called The David Cassidy Support Group. Prior to that, she’d been a member of DGAD (David’s Girls Against Disease) which was started in 1972 by Jan Shulman who put out a monthly newsletter and raised money for charities that sought to cure illnesses such as Cancer and MS. It’s a bit ironic in an uncomfortable way that my Aunt Betty would spend a good portion of her life sick, and would eventually die from the medications that were meant to help her. There’s a section of David Cassidy’s website that’s dedicated to all of his fan clubs, and my aunt’s club is included. There’s also a picture of them together in 1983. He rests his head on her shoulder; it’s a genuinely sweet photo. Now, I’m listening to David Cassidy. I have eleven songs on rotation. If I could go anywhere right now, it would be back to Venice Beach, just so I could walk down the sidewalk and listen to these songs. As soon as “Lonely Too Long” comes on (I’ve determined it’s my favorite David Cassidy song), seagulls will appear before me and fly in a slow, but chaotic circle. A couple will walk by. He’s wearing a Metallica shirt; she’s wearing a Sublime shirt. I can see why so many young women loved David Cassidy in the seventies; he’s both sensually charming and innocent. The album cover for Dreams Are Nuthin’ But Wishes, where he’s sitting in the grass with a gorgeous black and white dog in his lap (which I choose to believe was his dog) appeals to me. The ska band Less Than Jake covered “I Think I Love You” and released it on their album called Goodbye Blue and White (a reference to their old tour bus) in 2002. I listened to that song on repeat when I was 19, 20. Although it was a Partridge Family song, there’s live footage of David Cassidy singing it by himself, wearing all black, holding a silver microphone. “January” is another song I love. It has a unique guitar riff at the beginning that I can’t seem to get out of my head—and don’t really want to.