I feel good letting you drive us
Miles away from anyone
Lick hurt into pleasure
Vibrant wild magical sexual
Words fall out of me
A cyclone of butterflies
Let the smoke curl upward
Heavy grit rubbing me smooth

I was hungry when you found me
Sunflower lily hibiscus
We walked together all night
Heard women rushing by
Their bodies were the wind
A blues song with a groove
A hillside of red flowers
Part affection part ache

Don’t lower me gently
Lift the hair from my neck
Roll over loosening
Put the empty glass down
Hard rock that it is
I walked to the edge of the water
The moon was bright pink
Your gut fills with song

Lion headed toward me
Smoke leaves your mouth
The field brightens green
Dimensions you lick from me
I kept a handful of stones
I gathered flowers
Get lower than the ground
I want to hear you sing

Beginning with feedback
Beautiful slamming sound
Burns under moonlight
I walked for a long time
A wolf gazed at me in my dreams
A lover slowly emerging
I burned herbs for you
You fed me until I was satisfied

Jagged holiness
Hitting the ground
Ending with feedback
Herbs I would burn
Let it be part of me
Praise song full blast
Who would take it from you
A world we already built