Poems for a Hermit


After walking so long through dark woods
Cold burning moon above you   to seek flames is to brighten
See a deer in a ditch among scattered flowers
Growing thick around the deer           your spirit opens
Before that in the dark of your room
A quiet pulse spread across your naked body
When you opened your eyes they still felt closed
You came all this way to bloom alive
In the warmth of your clothes you locked the door
Started walking   grayness made you harden into aimlessness
Approach the deer   watch him leap away
Stand where he stood at the bottom of the ditch
More flowers here than you thought   the flame inside you
Transforms into the only light you need


See the sun glowing white
And pouring from the top of that tree
Drive down this street at night
With the word school painted on it
The s barely visible so it looks
Like a new way to spell the word cool
Walk through an empty town
Covered in vines and graffiti and wind
Across walkways where trees grow
Through the bricks so alive


I could’ve been born with more power in my hands
But I was born with the spirit of a god who sat in the rain
I was born under a tree and buried under a tree
There is no such thing as proper flames
Sitting in a meadow alone   she was the goddess
Who kissed my heart through my chest
Found my frequency   a constant wave flowing
Nature thrives around her   if you make it to the water
The answers will get to know you before they appear to you
I help storms become storms   I help insects breathe
Kiss shrines that sing to those who walk alone
Her tongue flowers beyond perfect

Poem to a City

When I drive around you in sunlight and moonlight
You open up as I introduce you to my songs

The darkness felt bitter when I first entered you
But now kisses me like an aphrodisiac

I bring wind and flowers and fields
I bring the dirt of my nature

This is how we will fall in love
We roam together because we love to roam

Music turned up so we both can hear it
And learn to sing together


Stare through an open window
At cars moving up and down the street
Garbage bags lined up next to the curb
Beyond that a skyline of buildings
About to twinkle   the sun kisses you
On its way down   if you walked across
That long old bridge and
Let the trees pull you to the river
If my heart was the portal to your epiphany
I would climb through it tonight


A light vibration wants to get stronger
For you to feel and you alone

Gather all your breath
A light rain that could erupt into a storm

The tenderness inside a flower
Remembering that passion

Get back on the road and see
If you can get yourself to bloom again

A burst holding itself together
Hardening into an urge


Small red boat pushed up beyond
The empty shore into the rough grass
Cold beach against a mountain
Traffic lights glow through the wet windshield
Electric blue lights blink through a tree
Heavy bright green of a clearing
Wolf with dark fur so close
Trace a new path
Down the same roads
In the sunlight
What makes the sky so blue here
Is the beautiful ruin within her
Wanting to fly into it


The sun a ball of energy you can hold inside your fist
Light filters through subway tracks above this dirty road
The darkness holds you like a proper soulmate
Taking its time with its tongue
Write your blood into this poem
A tide that was volatile but learns to calm itself
Embrace the night even harder
Make sure the right demons unleash their kisses
Listen to furious trees growing long branches anyway
Think about how to love the inevitable
A dog with flowers around her neck


Birds sing through you   Obedient to the cosmos   Hard kiss of oblivion
Channeling your earth   your wind   your fire   Graffiti untranslatable
You never thought yourself a loner   But you’ve grown into it
Walk better through the mist like that   The lights across the road are silver
A building with one window lit violet   Lonely fields erupt with trees
A ferry takes you nowhere   Your psyche an avalanche of flowers
A loose breeze learns to make flames rise so high inside you


Yellow Ford parked against the curb
An electric sun that says stay
Brightens through the trees
What brought you to this solitude
The moon visible wild glorious but distant
Stop and let the river speak to you
Weeds tall and thick along the railing
Songs give her power
Soul opening all her white petals
Offering you a wildflower
Why love can lead you out of solitude
That light above the road at night
Full of her windblown scent
Ready to float through the sky