The bullets sank into the ground
The field grew over them

Long before we met
Your name was a shadow

I left each gun behind
A scene you can’t describe but can only feel

Flowers open everywhere
Gods in the clouds

All summer all fall all winter all spring
Your mouth talked so quiet

Dig into the earth with your free hand
Drop the seed in the hole

Stand in that morning light naked
Your body a cosmic dream

It takes a few days
Your memories undress my memories

Wreckage of overgrown brush
Rip it from the earth

Wasteland of trees and other houses
Burn it down and let the sky have the smoke

Your mouth talked me into a better room
Dark bloom about to be tasted

My body an arsenal
Language of thrust and need

Wake up to light pouring across the bare floor
Through the naked window

I could bring you to this emptiness
Language of holding and taking in

Pull me into your licking
Yellow petals loosen

We could live in this emptiness
Your mouth pulled my guns loose

I pull up out of my body
An old seed that can still grow

Save this knowledge for later
Hard ache you set loose

Lick without pride or principle
Sunlight fades into moonlight

Hand that gently touches your arm
Circle of peaches around the tree

Gentle with each other in this emptiness
Erase it with your nakedness