Likely Friend

Let the grime be rinsed away from the windshield
He was waiting even before he was born
He speaks in metaphors without enthusiasm
Optimism made oppression a dessert in a glass case
The endlessness of rain on his windshield creates waves
He has to stay on the side of the road for a while
Somewhere a tree absorbs a sunset
Orange light melting through black branches
Sunlight needs the tree to activate its magic
He wants to be buried in rain    Hard and blinding as it is
Put the tree in front of him   Give it a breeze
Let the sunset disappear behind it
Wisdom is more powerful than anger
He says the first chance he gets
After the sky becomes that mystical blue
The word pristine was in this poem
Along with the crime of wanting to kill
We are the horror he says  Off the highway
Someone drives through a flooded road
Without slowing down
Splashes water into a ditch also
Flooded with water