Dear lover I want to see better   bring that voice in here
Voice that can’t sleep   that needs to blast open

Octagons go from yellow to green and then electric pink
Ovary is spelled across the existing danger in both of our horizons

Shoreline is cryptic this morning after a night full of roaming
Eclipses always forget to remind me to see them

I need a late-night drive   an open window
Moon outside of it   an empty bed

Octagons turn purple and then fire-red quickly in the haze
Quiet is spelled across the cracked mirror

I’ve been hearing that song for years
It could’ve been you singing that way to me

Never forget what you erased
I started listening to that song again

Sweet Samson used to have so much hair ringing
Through the lights far and wide inside the kaleidoscope

An open bed where anything could happen
The window letting the universe in

Listen for birds in the morning   we can humble each other
Tender are the yellow tulips under heaven   under hell

Risk is what I sing all over utopia   asking you for another ride
Sing me that song you wrote   I can make room