Good Friday

Gather up your sins before you can commit them
Turn them into a ball of fire inside your heart
Our souls will never be destroyed
By a government with too many idols
The real gods will take you to a better paradise
Call on Jesus because you used to love him
So hard your chest ached   that’s called conviction
Take a drive in the dark   treat your body
With the kind of love worthy of glory
Drive around all night   music heavy but low
Praise the lyricist for knowing what words to sing
Unburden yourself to a universe full of gods and goddesses
As well as those who refuse to become deities
Through this white haze Jesus emerges
The cosmic Jesus you’ve been searching for
Through song and nature and poetry
Through pleasure and suffering
He descends into this old city still new to you
Rests his hand on the roof of your car
Leans down to look at you through the window
Roll it down   he smiles because he knows
The song you’re listening to and says where are you headed
Wherever feels right you say and he says can I get in
Unlock the door for him so that when he gets in
He can turn the music up