Find my lock / Glitter in the keyhole / Halo undone / Money and glitter / Key still needs to turn the lock / Rainbow simple / Grit among the glitter / Memory a slow ride / Starlight hot / Leave a trail of lilacs / Feel the muscle of the engine / We can get away with it tonight / Wind tossing glitter / Mirror wet with glitter / North Star of your lust / Every rabbit we see / Trails of glitter / Zigzag through the lights / Your animal hears my animal / Vipers twirling / Neck touched by a flower / Undress each other tonight / I listen to your watch / Crab in the sky / A new message in glitter / You are only sweet / Lion walk beside me / Mercury give me words / Radicalize the glitter / Ribbons of wild glitter / Find the silly words again / Essence of the rabbit / Trails break into trails / Venus in Leo / Heart of a million kisses / I saw us sawing the dream in half / I saw us sleeping naked / Eleven roses drenched in glitter / Talk with your tongue / Glitter in the trees / Jasmine will grow again / Zephyr blue in the morning / Looking for the next revolution