Dog and Feather

Dog in the sunlight chewing on a feather
Bird without a feather still flying through the sunlight
Me sitting in my room alone again thinking
About the dog chewing on a feather
Dog with a feather
Dog with sunlight and a feather
Low music downstairs   maybe The Who
Dog who carries a feather around in his mouth
Dog in a pleasant but poor neighborhood
Unable to grow feathers
It feels good to not have to talk so much
Look at me through the fence thinking about
How that feather found its way into the dog’s mouth
There is no better sunlight
Than the one that holds our bodies
Approach me with a feather in your mouth
My words feathers kissing you all over
Dream of holding me between your tongue and teeth
Enter my room with all the feathers you found
Spread them across my bed   tell me
What birds gave them up to your open hands