Publication Update

The list of poems published or forthcoming has been updated to reflect publications with Iron Horse Literary Review and descant.

My list of published reviews is now updated to show recent publications in Kenyon Review Online and New Orleans Review plus one forthcoming in Pleiades.

Thanks for stopping by. Here’s to this list growing significantly in 2017.

Review of Brandi George’s Gog

Andrea’s review of Brandi George’s Gog went online today at New Orleans Review.

Gut-wrenching and phantasmagoric, Brandi George’s first full-length poetry collection, Gog, articulates the experience of a young female growing up in an oppressive contemporary rural environment. These poems ask the most fundamental of questions: “Why are some of us disposable.” George dives right into the complicated and often painful cross-section between gender and class; her voice is courageously honest and impressively unfaltering.

Check it out.

Review of Benjamin Grossberg’s Space Traveler

Andrea’s review of Benjamin Grossberg’s Space Traveler has gone online at Moon City Review.

Space Traveler is a knockout for Grossberg, who has busted out of his shell into a mature, outgoing poet-thinker. His previous two collections represented a poet very much entrenched in the Earth: water, soil, vegetation, but also mindfulness; he courageously put himself into his work through philosophical and classical dilemmas of the mind, heart-wrenching frustration of sexual and familial relationships, and even humor.

Check out the link to read more.