Astrological Heart

Bring back all the old rivers I never learned
Loosen the rocks in the hard dirt

Ferocious flowers interrupt winter
Journey back to my younger self for the night

Giant tree with shimmering green leaves
Open my mind from the dark

Meandering conversation we carry
Through arches still blooming

Zinnias touched by bees and
Roaming butterflies deep orange

I find myself on the other side of the psychic storm
Among horses wandering among

Irises in their cool blues
Green pulling itself up from the earth

Full of spells from my subconscious
You emerge pulling the sky down into purple

Touch the stones that have never been touched
Even those nights still hold that magic

Electricity always finds me
Experimenting with my inner light

Trails we make in the ocean of the meadow
Yet we haven’t kissed near the empty road yet

Vast like an open palm soft and wanting
To touch the rhythm of another palm