59 Dollar Limo

59 bucks gets us a limo for an hour,
an hour gets us the city we never get to see:
crisp black skyscrapers dotted with lights,
the neon blue ferris wheel,
wide arching live oak branches. Don’t say
a few beers, a few games of pool
and late night tacos are all you need
to have a good time. I’ve got overtime coming.
I want to take you to the fountain
where that man with the old jogging shoes plays the sax.
You like the way he makes it howl;
his playing sounds just as good as your dad’s
before he died of liver failure.
Imagine the open roof, night autumn air
blowing through your hair, smoky, fragrant.
I want to show you the city he never got to see.

Originally published in South Carolina Review, Spring 2017